Specific Chemical Sourcing... Confidentially

Newport’s Shanghai based sourcing team have access to over 9,000 chemical plants in China. We are requested to source Specific Chemicals for different applications on a daily basis.

With over 20 years experience, Newport toll manufacturers and assists with R&D for alternative or new intermediates.

With access to specialised, bespoke toll manufacturers, our chemists and labs are able to outsource complex dyestuff intermediates.

Bromine Based Products
Speciality products for various polymer industries.

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Corrosion Inhibitor
Newport have an equivalent to market leading speciality corrosion inhibitor. After more than 5 years in development and production trials, we are commercially marketing this product to specific clients.

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Phosphorous based Flame Retardants
We have a small range of products where we compete against large multinationals, some items are stocked.

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