Newport has been servicing the glass industry for over 13 years.

Newport is the exclusive importer and distributor of eti soda for soda ash (sodium carbonate).

With 4 bulk port facilities and 3 warehouse locations for packed goods, Newport handles over 180,000 metric tons per annum, the largest importer in the UK.

Eti Soda’s natural Trona based production will increase from 1 million tons, to over 4 million tons by 2018, representing 60 % of the European demand.

Carbon Footprint – Natural Soda Ash has 1/7th of CO² output compared to synthetic.

Newport supplies other chemicals
to the glass industry such as:
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  • Sodium Sulphate
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  • Selenium
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  • Cobalt Oxide
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  • Iron Oxide
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  • Copper Oxide
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Other grades available on request

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